Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party like a rock star

Friday night a big group of people gathered in California to raise money for me. Even the band who doesn't know me donated their fee. They collected around $15,000 and had a great time. Even my parents danced the night away. I cant thank everyone enough, it is overwhelming the support you have all shown through all of this. I still cant believe that i am the one with cancer after all this time. It still doesn't hit me until we get more bad news and sad to report we got more bad news on Thursday. My stinky little tumor in my liver just keeps getting bigger and bigger, but we are hopeful since it has not reoccurred anywhere else. So keep praying, hoping, wishing, thinking and we can kick this together.

Thanks again to everyone,
Love the Vickers

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was my first IPT treatment. I got 11 shots (one Travis got to give me in the rump and i think he enjoyed it a little to much). I get 10 of these everyday for two weeks and the one Travis gives me once a day for a year. They are $40 per shot plus the $4000 we pay for other costs per month, so do the math and we are really shelling out the cash again. The new drugs seemed to go okay today. The side effects are nausea, hair loss, fatigue, about the same as the previous 11 i have been on so not much new. I do have to be on a steroid again which just really pisses me off, but here's to angry Laura.

Several people have been asking about donations and Travis put a link on this website if you feel so inclined and we so appreciate every single penny you give. We spent about $70,000 last year and are expecting our costs to rise this year.

My friends in Sacto are having a fundraiser for me. Here is the website if you're interested in going. It should be lots of fun. Wonderbread 5 is playing at the Power House Pub from 5 until 9:30. To purchase tickets you can log onto click on tickets. My event is the Private Party until 9:30. If you have any questions you can call Jen Ham (707) 235-2277 or Tab (916) 548-3131. Thanks for everyone for doing, going, donating, supporting, praying, etc. We are so grateful to all of you.

BTW my boy lost last night and i am so sad for him. I cant believe the last pro pass he will ever throw was intercepted. I couldn't even sleep last night thinking about his departure. I wish him all the best and will miss his enthusiasm, endurance, and his pretty face. I love you Brett

Laura & Travis

Friday, January 8, 2010

As Arnold would say, "The Tumor"

Unfortunately, the Tumor is getting bigger. It is almost back to its original size from a year ago. The good news it that it hasn't spread any where else yet. We meet with the oncologist Monday about our options and Tuesday with a doctor who performs IPT treatments. Although they have been doing IPT for over 25 years, it is still not FDA approved and therefore not covered under insurance. Luckily my Cali friends are having a fundraiser for me this month to help cover the $6000 a month we will be dishing out. Wish us luck and thanks for all your support, prayers, and donations. Will post the info about the fundraiser tomorrow.

BTW, we got some snow last night and had a great day off from school. Gavin had on Sammy's old snowboarding suit and was cracking us up. He would fall and slide, but then pop back up since he is only 2.5 feet off the ground. It was great.