Friday, October 30, 2009

Post Reunion

Last weekend was my 20th class reunion and i had a blast. It was so much fun to see all my old friends and find out what they have been up to for the last 20 years. There were several people i don't remember and most people didn't recognize me since my "hair" isn't blond anymore. I was so touched with all the incredible well wishes including a friend and his wife who run Ironmans in my honor since i cant do them anymore. I was blown away and felt so loved by all my friends. The class even made a donation for the few of us that have breast cancer. Thanks guys.

The kids had a great time with my parents and I was able to show Travis a few more amazing sites in California. We saw my old roommate Gavin and his family in Monterrey and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium then went to Pebble Beach and Carmel. I forgot how amazing the beach is in Carmel. Travis couldn't believe the size of the waves and the kids were shocked at how cold the water was, but it was a perfect day and made me really miss the west coast. Thanks for the hospitality Pierce family, we had a great time.

This trip really made me realize that i cant have drama in my life anymore. I'm to sick and to tired to worry about everyone else. Therefore, if you get your feelings hurt because of something i did or did not do, it is not on purpose i just don't have the energy to do everything I would like to do. My mind thinks I'm still my old self, but my body just wont let me do what everyone else wants me to do. That being said, i am planing a cruise for my 40th birthday next October. I'm inviting anyone who wants to come. A friend is going to plan the trip and i will let you know more details when i get them. We will be headed somewhere in the Caribbean and not sure if it will be just girls, couples, or families. I guess it depends on the cost.

BTW...Besides the lingering cough, I'm finally getting over the flu and feeling much better. I'm trying to get back into my routine but I'm having a rough time. I'll be glad to get my IV's next week, boost my immune system and get some energy back.

Happy Halloween from "Darf Mador & Major Flirt with gun shots (?)"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not feeling great

Sammy was so kind to give me her cold and it has hit me like a ton of bricks. I cant swallow, my ears are ringing, headache, cough, mouth soars, etc. It is like i have the flew without the fever. Anyways just trying to sleep it off and take care of myself. Kind of difficult but doing the best i can. Hopefully i will get over this before we go to Cali. I was told not to write when we are going out of town, but looking forward to our upcoming trips. It is always great to get out of our day to day grind and see friends.

I'm getting so tired of going to the doctors every day. I get so down and stressed sometimes i want to just give up, but then i look at the kids and think this is so much bigger than just me. If i can keep up with cooking, eating, and 122 supplements per day i do well, but when i slip up then i feel really crappy. I get caught in this vicious cycle and it is so demanding. Then add the stress of home, the kids, etc. and my life seems overwhelming. Looking forward to a day with less doctors, less bills, less stress and more fun.

Sammy has been just incredible. The last two nights Travis has had stuff after work and taking care of Gavin by myself gets really difficult. After a few tears, Sammy gave me a big hug and got me Gavin's boxing bag to take out my frustrations. Although exhausting we had so much fun and had some laughs. She is such a Godsend and Gavin's "I wove you Mommy" just makes my day.

I would also like to ask for your prayers for Pauline Wiggins who just had a stroke. She is the mom of the uncle who just died on Travis' side. She is an incredible cook and is our Thanksgiving grandma. She is such a great person and want her to know she is in my prayers.

Trying to stay strong,