Monday, March 22, 2010

More bad news

My scan came back and it is not as good as we had hoped. My tumor is larger and the lymphs around my lower aorta have formed a mass. I see the doctor on Thursday and we will know more, but I'm thinking that it may be causing my stomach to hurt every time i eat. It is like i am preggers. I can only eat small amounts and have to be very careful what i eat. Like my diet wasn't already restricted. I went from gaining 15 pounds in 8 weeks from the steroid to losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks from this new issue. It is a giant roller coaster

Travis and I are watching FOOD Inc. and did you know that 80% off our meat is sprayed with ammonia to kill the e-coli and Chickens are bathed in chlorine, I am so disgusted. I usually buy free-range organic but I am only going to buy it now. Not to mention I am not eating meat out anymore except Fogo's!!!

Will update on Thursday to let you know what we find out.