Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I didn't want anyone to have withdrawals this week, but i am feeling so well i have been "nesting." If you don't know what nesting is, you are probably a man, but that is okay we still love ya!!!! Any who, I am spring cleaning and getting rid of all the CRAP in our house. It is amazing how fast things accumulate when I am the only one who knows where things go. Nothing against Travis or my mom , they are great cleaners, but difficult to put the thumb tack away when you haven't a clue where it came from.

Gavin is getting so big so fast. He is eight months old and 21.5 pounds. Twice the size of my little string bean Sammy at that age. He is doing the Marine belly crawl which gets him in all kinds of trouble, he is eating like it was a bad habit, and he is no longer sleeping in his crib due to his persistence in getting his arms and legs stuck in the bars.

Sammy is getting ready for the Opera at her school, she is an Angel of course, and is taking a fitness class which is giving her a six-pack. Maybe i should join her on those days. She had her first lemonade stand this week and our little entrepreneur neighbor thought $5 was a perfect price. I love this kind of thinking. At this rate they can pay for their own college.

P.S. Sammy said if she is a string bean then Gavin is a lima bean...

Have a great week

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The "it"

The "Benatar" family
This is not the final wig, but a cheap substitute until I can find the Lola. I think Gavin takes the cake, with Travis a close second. Have a great weekend. Travis and I are off to the Highlands for our anniversary while Grandma gets to spend some time with the little ones.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

To all my faithful followers...

I apologize for not posting sooner. I myself have been undergoing BA (blog anonymous) treatment due to my excessive need to check what my followers have written. I am doing better and should be back to normal writing on Monday. Thanks for all your support.

Actually, i am doing great. I was able to run a few times this week and my mom and i have tried to walk everyday since it has been so beautiful here in A-town. I received a wig today. Since i want to hit cancer with my best shot, i choose the Pat Benatar. I am still considering the lola for Travis, but not very practical with an 8 month old. I can only imagine us grocery shopping and he decides to pull it off my head. I might frighten some poor little kid.

Here are a few pictures of Travis having a great time shaving my head. I think he is enjoying this way to much. I will post a picture of my new wig when Travis gets home.

Talk to you all soon and Happy Easter