Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Treatment

I went for my first treatment of Taxol. Although it took forever, i had no allergic reactions. I have eleven more treatments and have to go once a week instead of every other Monday. So my last day of treatment is on my birthday, July 23... I will have surgery 3 weeks after that and start radiation 4 weeks after that. I feel pretty good today, but the side effects show up on the 4th day and consist of joint pain, but i am not complaining because i don't feel nauseous and my hair could start growing back. Very excited.

Talk to you soon

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

If I were to make an Academy Awards Speech...

Although i am only eight weeks into my eight month saga, I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who has helped me thus far. First my mom who came from Cali, left my dad who has his own battle with MS to fight, and has been here for six weeks. I would also like to thank Bab's (mother of Travis), Linda Fleming (Sam's grandma), Debbie and Charlie, (Sam's other family)and Laura (lowa/Iowa) for filling in until my mom could get here. I would like to thank everyone who has provided us with dinners, especially the people who went way out of there way to accommodate my strict dietary needs.

I would like to thank my niece for staying with my dad so my mom could come out here and all there friends who have been helping with food, transportation, and keeping him company. I want to thank Stephanie for watching Gavin while having my infusions, neighbors (especially Maria and Heather) and all our friends for doing research and giving lots of support. Jerri for being with me when i found out and preparing Sam's school lunches. The girls who have provided the incredible house cleaning fund, the tennis team for all the hats, scarves, and stash of cash in my G-string...and to all my fan's who have continually kept me laughing with there blogs.

I would also like to give a big thanks to my dad and the Deering's for sharing my mom, to all of Travis' friends who have supported him, Sam's Teacher Chris who has been a huge support to her, Aiden for shaving his head with me, and to everyone else that has helped us through this difficult time.

And with this I gladly accept my Academy Award

PS I forgot the most important person of all, my husband. Thank you for your unconditional love, your endless support, for being an exceptional daddy, and for still loving me regardless if I am boobless and hairless. You are my rock Sparky and I thank God everyday you took a chance on me.