Monday, May 12, 2008

Metal Out

Today I had surgery to remove the metal that was in my expander that was never used. I already feel more comfortable and the surgery was a piece of cake compared with the last one. I do have a drain in and if anyone has ever had one, they are disgusting. Not to mention I get very worried that little G-money will try and pull it. That would cause me some major discomfort. The only bad thing about this is i could have up to six weeks of recovery and i am in the middle of tri and marathon training for the fall. Since i am already feeling great i am hoping i can cut that time way, way down.

Any who, my next step is to have an MRI, one last Herceptin treatment, get preggers, and then have reconstruction. This is a 2-3 year time-line, but it was my best option if we want to have another baby.

For those who know the Sauer Family, Bruce lost his four year battle with cancer Saturday evening. Please keep the Sauer Family in your prayers.

I will miss you Mr. Sauer!