Monday, August 31, 2009

Ordinary Monday

No one made mistakes today , no one forgot my premeds, no one made me wait 4 hours, no one hurt me, so today was quite out of the ordinary. I could get used to this.

I keep thinking God is sending me in a direction of helping first time cancer patients. I am not one to make small talk or give advice unless asked, i obviously didn't get this trait from my mom (she loves to give unsolicited advice), but every time i see one of these new patients i want to reach out and tell them how life really is at Emory. Not to scare them, but to educate them on how to be there own health advocate. I get my chemo in the phase II trial bay so i see several new patients each time i go. These patients get inundated with tons of info that they will not remember and really don't need. These doctors have no idea what it feels like the first time a patient gets chemo infused into there body, but i do. I can just sit there and hold there hand if need be. Not sure how or when i can do this, but i find myself reaching out every Monday one way or another. I see the scared looks on the women's faces and the helplessness a husband feels. Travis keeps saying i got cancer for a reason and he thinks he has figured out his role and now i think i may have figured out mine. Just need to figure out the logistics.

Funny Story

On Sunday we were walking out of church with 3000 other members and I got corralled behind Travis. He did not know this nor did the wife of the guy next to me. The husbands had on similar shirts and were about the same height. She reached for Travis' hand and with out looking he took it. I looked at her husband, he looked at me and we both called out our spouses names. Travis looked back at me, looked at the women he was holding hands with, and every one busted up. We thought it was really comical considering the preacher was just talking about cheating...I think Travis will check who he is holding hands with from now on. We are still laughing about it.

Cant wait for the first game this weekend. SEC Football, so much fun. Unless you went to Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio, etc. you haven't experienced what real SEC football is all about. Everyone, even if you don't like football, should experience a game once in there life. I recommend the Florida vs. Georgia game in Jacksonville around Halloween, largest tailgate in the US. So much fun if you can get a ticket. More than 80,000 people attend the game and lots more just go and party. Those of you not affiliated with "Jorts" should look it up. People watching is half the fun. Of course beer goggles never hurt the experience, but lack of restrooms can.

Have a great week and i will check in next Tuesday. Funny they are so strict with my schedule unless they have a holiday...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CT update

Travis and i would like to thank you all for your prayers and $ cause it looks like they are working. Saw the doctor yesterday and the tumor in my liver has not changed in size, so that is good. The better news, still need clarification from the doc, is there are no other lesions in the abdomen. We asked if there are no comments on these because there are non or they just didn't change, so waiting to hear about that, but very excited if there are non except the liver lesion and tumor. I of course was hoping they would find no cancer at all, but the doc said these meds may show more improvement the next scan in three months not to mention i wasn't taking any meds for two months and the cancer could have progressed and then regressed. We will never know, but the news is promising.

When i was at the doctors yesterday i had a nice surprise from a friend i hadn't seen in quite some time. So thanks for the visit and the laughs Heller.

Here's to healthy eating and the 48 supplements i take everyday.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

1970-2060 or more

I, Laura Elizabeth Maciej, was born July 23, 1970 in Long Beach, California to a couple who were in college and couldn't keep me. They decided to give me up for adoption to a Catholic couple who likes to camp. That i got. Bill and Cathie brought me home when i was just 3 days old and then added my sister 2.5 years later. We moved to Sacramento when i was young and i attended two different Catholic schools and two public schools. I went to college in Santa Barbara where i met Charlie (Sammy's Dad). We moved to St. Simon's Island in 1992 and after a year there we decided we needed a larger city. We headed north to Atlanta in 1993, got married in 1994, had Samantha in 2000, and separated in 2001. I started dating Travis thereafter and have been happily married since 2005. Charlie and I remain friends and our spouses both went to UF so how could they not like each other. Charlie and Debbie are actually the guardians of our children since we would never want to separate them if something happens to us. Everyone laughs at our relationship, but it works for us and it works for Sammy. We even spend holidays with Charlie and his parents. It is just one huge extended family around here.

Any ways, i am an accountant by trade, but due to the cancer, i only work about 6 hours per week at the kids school. It keeps my brain going and gets me out of the house. I started running in 1998 and have completed several marathons and tackled the Ironman in 2001. I still have plans to do another one in my 40th year, but only time will tell. I have two amazing kids who challenge me and make me smile each and every day. Travis is a partner in an architectural firm based in Orlando. He is the rock of our family and am so lucky to have him in my life. I am sure all of you can add stuff to my little life story so feel free. Sammy would love it.

Here's to a long and healthy life,

Last few weeks

Not much to report. I did have a CT scan Monday and should get the results next week to see how well everything is working. I cant imagine it not, I am doing everything under the sun to kill this sucker. My hair is almost gone and am getting used to my wig. Will post a picture soon.

The kids started school today so i am hoping to get some exercise. Even walking around the block would be so great. I have been experimenting with cooking and the farmers market and am so excited that even Travis likes the food i am making and everything is so healthy. I think i am slowly converting him to a Californian. He rented a Prius today in Orlando for business and is eating spinach. For those of you who know him well, that is so funny.

Travis' uncle died two weeks ago and we found it quite odd to see what life has in store for us. We all die, but Travis and i thought it was so fascinating that we really new very little about this man. He was his uncle, but we learned so much more about his life after the fact. So i thought it would be fun to write my own obituary so you could all know me before my funeral (in 50 years). Gavin just woke up so i will post maybe tonight.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mouth better but not sleeping

My mouth is so much better. I found a tree bark from Africa that cleared it up in 2 days, yeah. If i could just sleep on Monday nights. The steroid wakes me up at 3 Am ish and then i cant go back to sleep. The good part is i get an IV on Tuesdays for three hours so i can sleep then. I have been cooking up a storm and Travis will actually eat some of it. I am so proud of him. Sammy has been cooking and getting into healthy food too. Gavin eats whatever i put in front of him. Found out this week that insurance denied all our claims for Progressive Medicine. More phone calls, paper work and frustration...

Gavin turns 3 on Sunday, i just cant believe my baby is getting so big. We went to the farmers market on Saturday and had such a great time, just him and me. We usually do not venture out like that since my energy level is in no comparison to his, but we had a great day. For my birthday Sammy took me on a shopping spree and wanted to find clothes that make me look younger. We had a great day on Sunday. I think we were both exhausted from shopping.

Had a little breakdown last week and told Sammy how sad i am so sad not to be my old self and always snapping at the kids due to my steroids. We both shed some tears but i think she realizes now that it is the meds and not me or her. We just need to pray that Travis can realize this also or he might commit me soon. Everything just pisses me off, poor guy. Not to mention Gavin has been sleeping with us so you know what that means. I think i need to be more creative.

Any who,
hoping to have scans soon so we can see if all this is working
hugs and kisses