Friday, April 4, 2008

Boston Marathon

If anyone ever wanted to make a donation to prevent Cancer, this would be the one. Not only would it benefit my friend who is running the Boston Marathon in my honor, but it is the research we need to not just cure cancer, but to preventing anyone from ever getting this terrible disease. Thanks in advance for any donations you give and pray for Heather on her big day. I know i will be. Here are a few things she has sent to me about the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Marathon.

"Friends and Family,

Just two and a half weeks until the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21st! I wanted to write a quick note to give you all an update. First, fundraising has been an awesome experience! My dollar goal for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was $5000, and the donation total is now just under $7000. Wow! Matt and I have some very generous and caring friends and family, so THANK YOU very much. Being witness to the giving spirit in all of you has been so touching, but it is the stories that we have heard of your loved ones fighting cancer or those you have lost that have inspired us the most. The names of these precious people will be written on my race day shirt to pay tribute to their own personal marathon.

Please take a minute to visit my website and see for yourself the larger gift that you all have built together that benefits cancer patients both now and in the future. Click on this link,

Love to all of you,

Heather Rendle"

"Laura-I just wanted you to know that Matt and I made a $250 donation to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in your honor. Your name will be on my race day singlet as a person who has and continues to inspire me. When things get tough out there, I will be thinking of all that you have been through and celebrating your new life on the other side of breast cancer. I owe you a thank you for the day in the cul de sac when you said to me, "I don't see what the big deal is with this marathon... running does not impact my life that much." It was the kick in the pants I needed to say "yes" to this great opportunity. So thanks!" Heather

Thank you Heather and can't wait to run with you on Sunday

PS - For those of you who think I am preggers, it is just a rumor, but look for a post about it in October.