Monday, July 30, 2007


Long story, but my last chemo ended up being today. I am so glad to be done. Thanks to everyone who had a drink with me. Now I am gearing up for my surgery and radiation, should be a walk in the park after all this. I am still running and plan to not let anything hold me back. My hair started growing back and it feels like a baby ducks down. The kids love to rub it. I am still eating close to nothing. You would think I would weigh close to nothing, but now that i can stop the steroid i can get back to normal.

Any of you DC grads who haven't logged on to Temples blog page, here it is...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Two More

My eye is much better and I only have two more treatments to go. I will have one on Monday and the last on Friday and then we are off to the beach for a week with the kids and my beautiful niece. We are all so excited.

If you all don't mind, Saturday night have a margarita with/for me and we can all celebrate together.

Have a great weekend