Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Crap

Well for the last week or so, i have been dealing with a "sick" eye. I found out that the Taxol can cause certain areas to dry up and my nose and eye are part of it. Today i am writing to you with one eye shut because it is so swollen even the ointment i have been using isn't helping. It is difficult enough not to have hair and have my skin wrecked, but now i look like the one eyed bandit. Enough already!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Feeling Better

Although i am still dealing with the same crap, i am coping much better. It was nice to vent and share my thoughts. Everyone has been very supportive. I only have 4 more sessions to go and i cant wait to have a Margarita.

We saw the plastic surgeon and along with my new boob, i get a lift on the other side and they use the fat from my stomach and butt if needed. So i get a new boob, lift, tummy tuck, and possible lipo. I am not the plastic surgery type, but when given lemons, might as well make lemonade...

Talk to you all soon

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today Sucks

I think i finally hit the wall. Unfortunately it is the cancer wall and not the marathon wall. I am tired, my eyelashes are falling out, my nose wont stop bleeding, the Social Security office wont answer the phone, the steroids wont let me sleep and make me feel like i am starving to death, i am to tired to run, I hate complaining and i don't want to make my friends listen to me bitch, i am making my poor husband do everything and i am worried he is going to go off the deep end soon, i have no energy to play with my kids, my skin is freaking out, and i could go on forever, but does it really matter? I still have to deal with this crap, but life goes on. Right?

Sorry, not one of my usualy happy go lucky blogs. I am sure i will feel better tomorrow!