Monday, October 8, 2007


This is Laura #2 (aka Laura [Stilwell] Studebaker) guestblogging for Laura #1. So the thing I sent her to cheer her up was me! Travis and I coordinated a surprise visit and everyone was able to actually keep it a secret (Bravo, Cathie & Sammy!). Saturday morning Travis and Sam said they were going out to get Laura a surprise and she assumed it was breakfast, but they were really picking me up at the Marta station. When I walked in the house she had this look on her face like "Who the heck did they bring over, I'm not even dressed and the house is a mess!" Then when she figured out it was me, she just looked so confused. But we've been having a ball and I've been able to get her out of the house for kid-free girl time. We've been shopping (several times) and out for margaritas, and a lot of just hanging out, with lots of gabbing and giggling in between. For those who time and distance prevents them from seeing Laura in person, I can happily report that, while she gets tired easily, she looks great, her hair's growing back in (and she has this cute little J-Lo hat that she wears, too) and she's in good spirits. I wish I could stay with her longer, but I have to go back to San Diego today. :( (Besides just seeing and being with Laura, It's been really nice for me to be here because her kids are a LOT quieter than mine and the reprieve has been rejuvenating!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Hi all,

Today i went and had my chest x-rayed for 30 minutes and couldn't move at all. It was rather uncomfortable and when i didn't think i could take another minute they told me i only had 10 more to go. Now that it is over it was way worse than i thought, no just kidding. Plus i went to the Women's Center and got a fake boob to put in a tank top with no support. So now i have two saggy boobs and one looks like a chicken cutlet. It is kind of fun to play with though. Then i got to come home to my little cuties and Gavin decided to give me lots of hugs and got banana all over my jeans, but i will take any hugs he offers since they are few and far between.

I know i haven't been very good about logging on, but i need some great posts to keep me cheered up. So post away and i will do better to keep everyone updated.