Thursday, September 16, 2010

Turks and Caicos and new trial

Just spent a week with the kids at the beach and had such a great time. Were so thankful for friends who sent us on another amazing vaca. From frequent flogger miles, spending $, and hotel we didn't have to spend a thing. Thanks to all.

My new trial started on Tuesday and it went great until we had to get in the car to drive home. My fever shot up to 103 and I thought I was going to barf the entire way. Poor trav had me yelling from the back seat, "more air, now more heat the entire time. Got to love that guy.

Broke my fever that night but by morning I felt like I had the flu, fever, muscle aches, felt sick, etc. And that continued all day. Woke up this morning and felt better but still not great. Then felt decent most the day and then this night it shot back up to 103 then I was freezing so I got in a hot bath (bad idea) and my fever shot up to 104. Whoops, but I'm feeling much better after I put a cold wash cloth on my head. So hoping for the best tomorrow!!!