Monday, July 6, 2009

Day two of Trial

Today went much better than the first day. We were able to cut off four hours since we didn't have to see the doctor. The meds are not making me sick, just waiting to see if my hair is going to fall out., so sad if it does. The only real issue at the moment is the steroid hunger. I am having the same grumpy, starving feeling as before. I had to give in and just eat normal food today. I will keep eating my really healthy food the rest of the week and give in to temptation on Mondays. I have to fast before my blood work and then don't eat until 2 ish. You add the steroids and i am an eating machine. I even had sugar today, OMG i feel so guilty. It is kind of hard to find a fast food restaurant that servers all organic, no sugar, no dairy, no wheat or gluten, no alcohol, and only grass feed meat. I just have to do my best and am doing really good so far.

Not sure if i mentioned in the past posts, but we found an alternative to this treatment if i get kicked out of the trial due to my heart or i decided to back out my self due to my heart. My ejection fraction rate is what is giving me the problems Mine went from 69% a year ago to 50. I saw the cardiologist on Thursday to get a baseline so he can monitor my heart rather than the trial telling me i am still fine. Don't have much faith in "their eyes." Anyways I found a method called IPT It uses less chemo and goes to the cancer cells instead of all the cells so it keeps my immune system in tact to help fight the disease. It sounds wonderful and it is, but it is not FDA approved and traditional doctors are scared of it, but it they have no more options for me what do i have to loose. I have spoken with several patients that have done it and they love it and it is working. I feel much better that i have options now and wont have to just keep searching for new trials if this one fails.

Had a great forth in the mountains with our friends. Hope yours was great also.

Much love

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Geoffrey Freeman said...

To the most important issue...FOOD :)
There's a new organic fast food place in the Prado called EVOs. Meets all your requirements, and it is fast & tasty. Go. Eat. Now.